Immaculate White Wedding Flower Ideas

white wedding bouquet

white wedding bouquet

White wedding flowers are ideal for winter weddings as it blends with the color of the season. Brides opted for rich and bold colors for their winter wedding in the past years. But the trend has already shifted these days and more women tend to go for exquisite wedding themes using white flowers. White wedding flower arrangements can capture thoughts of pure, innocent and untainted love. It can seem like a pretty simple color but it does have many shades for brides to choose from ranging from brilliant white hues to ivory tones. You can creatively use whites and ivories as highlights of your main ceremony, something to match your dress or even as a framework for your other flowers. Here are some winter wedding flower arrangement ideas for you to achieve that elegant and stunning wedding look.

•    Larkspur centerpieces will allure your guests with its standing heights ranging from 36 to 48 inches. These wedding flowers are ideal for cool temperatures and can be perfect highlights for your wedding reception.

•    White roses give your wedding that classic yet sophisticated look. You can combine white roses with the colored ones to help complement your bridesmaids’ dress or you can maintain the immaculate white wedding theme by mixing it with other white flowers as well. But for an unparalleled sophistication and theme uniformity, you can stick to the white roses for the entire ceremony and reception events.

•    You can also create a clutch bouquet from a tight ball white hydrangea bunch to achieve a more playful look. You can also finish it off with lush greens for an eye catching appeal.

•    White calla lilies can be ideal for elegant yet chic wedding centerpieces and bridal bouquets. Create a free form bridal bouquet with the uses of white roses and calla lilies.

•    Beautiful white alliums are pretty accents to your centerpieces. You can pin them side by side on the isles, attach it to corsages and even drizzle it on the strands of your hair for a unique hairstyle.

•    Chrysanthemums and pompons are bold exotic choices. Mums usually have strong personalities and should be use selectively. They blend well with quieter flower blooms such as larkspur.

•    Queen Anne’s lace is a good choice as excellent fillers. Choose a large bloom that can serve as a focal point for the bouquet and add those laces for a nice regal effect.

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