Wedding Flower Expert Tips You’ll Love

Wedding flowers have always been a part of a couple’s “A List” when it comes to preparing things for the big day. Here are some tips from wedding experts in getting those lovely wedding flower arrangements.

• Don’t forget to do your little ‘research homework’. Interview several NY wedding florists as you would do to any professional just to make sure you have the same vision for your wedding day. It would be important that you feel comfortable working with your chosen wedding florist. Find someone that listens to your needs and wants. Try to establish a special connection with your wedding florist. A person who shares your visions will be able to execute the type of floral designs you desire even without you articulating every detail.

•    Try to go local! Choosing your wedding flower arrangements based on date and destination will not only save you some cash but is also an awesome way of giving a nod to your locale.

• Create a doppelganger. Do you love the pretty look of hydrangea but could not afford this expensive bloom for maybe 10 flower centerpieces? You can always go for carnations instead. They are nice and less expensive flowers that when bundled, may mimic the ethereal hydrangea look.

• Think outside the flower vase. Break away from the classic flower vases and change how your flowers would look. Think about utilizing flower pots, wooden boxes, Moroccan urns and other vintage vases for your flower centerpiece arrangements. Don’t hesitate to match those ‘flea market finds’ and other family heirlooms for that unique and charming touch.

•    Think outside the flower box! If you’re not entirely a flower person, then you can always try to jazz up your flower arrangements with other creative stuffs like feathers, seashells, branches, decorative wire, and so much more.

• Choose a color and then design the flower scheme. Every florist would want to give you those cutting edge designs even when you want to stay on a budget. Give them your wedding color preferences instead of the flowers you want. Your NY wedding florist can recommend you flower options that you can help you save money.

• Don’t lose the greenery. Your foliage is something that can be considered as a best friend. Ask your NY wedding florist to integrate foliage with unique silhouettes and textures for spectacular flower arrangements. The addition of foliage is something less costly compared to those blooms and thus stretches your wedding budget.

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