10 Wedding Flower Inspirations

Put a twist into the traditional wedding flower arrangements and be inspired with some of these sweet ideas.

Mythical Maids. Instead of using bouquets during your wedding, get pretty delicate wreaths for your bridesmaids and let them wear it as a hair dress. Think about fairy princesses and ancient goddesses-blossoms or greens can do the magic. You can try using yellow daisies, stalks of wheat or stephanotis. Offer your maids cute and tiny purses to carry with them down that aisle or ask them to clasp their hands immaculately as they process.

Petal Power. If you want an aesthetically stunning send off, furnish your wedding guests with nice paper cones or maybe teeny baskets filled with flower petals to throw instead of using confetti or rice. These items can often be uncomfortable especially when it falls down on your dress! Get a memorable escape from your guests while getting showered with a fragrant floral cloud.

Choose your wedding centerpiece. Sometimes, even the simplest blooms can look fabulous if arranged in multiples. For your wedding centerpieces, ask your New York wedding florist to arrange bunches of Queen Anne Lace and variegated ivy. Get that elegant, rustic and natural look for these centerpieces. You may also cluster flower filled vases (you can also use jars, milk bottles).

Your groom’s flowers. Stylish grooms and groomsmen nowadays are trying to walk on the wild side, studding their individual lapels with mini sunflowers, calla lilies and etc. Exotic boutonnieres look nice and sexy and will definitely refresh an exhausted tux get up. For your groom, design something extra special and then accent it with a ribbon that represents his personality- stripes for chic, polka for lighthearted and plaid for preppy.

Tied and true. Try to show a little stem. Unstructured and ribbon tied bouquets are in the trend, often in monochromatic and vivid hues. Wrap your bouquet with brightly colored ribbons or sumptuous fabrics like velvet, organza or satin.

Added wedding floral arrangements. In your reception hall, decorate freestanding tables with floral accents. Add low bowls with red roses, cylindrical vases with calla lilies or tall vases with cherries.

Best finishing touch. Whether you opt for tussy mussy Victorian era arrangement or a fabric wedding bouquet wrap, make sure you come up with something unique. Cover your handle with a velvety fabric, braid another one around the handle and develop something with a corset style. Talk with your New York wedding florist about his/her suggested presentation ideas.

Planning your Summer Wedding Flowers

NYC Wedding Florist

NYC Wedding Florist

Summer conjures thoughts of warm weather and long hot days of lush and bright flowers. When you intend to have a summer wedding, let the rhythm of the season guide you when it comes to your wedding flower choices. There are plenty of ways to give a summer touch to your wedding flower arrangements. Playful accents, cool greenery and punchy colors can give your summer wedding a little kick. Whether you are tying the knot along the white sandy shores on a beach side bash, a country club, or a garden gala, you can always add up a few creative touches to your summer wedding. Let an NYC wedding florist guide you with your summer flower centerpieces and wedding bouquets.

Traditional Summer Flower Choices
If you want to do it the traditional way, stock always come in handy. They can come in nice pink and white varieties. They usually get in season during the end of spring and summer. They seem to be old fashion but they do possess that beauty and charm of their own. Beautiful, tall blue delphiniums are also very much abundant during the summer and can work well with the ceremony’s flower arrangements. Some of the traditional summer wedding flower options include columbine, irises and snapdragons.

Contemporary Summer Flower Choices
Roses are abundant during the summer and are among every bride’s top choices. Lilies and calla lies are also visible in many summer weddings. Calla lilies are excellent options when you are planning to have a white themed summer wedding. Stargazer lilies can be used in decorating wedding venues. Their scent and nice huge blooms make it a popular choice among many couples. On the other hand, gerberas are great for summer wedding bouquets as well as for adding more fun and excitement to wedding reception flower arrangements.

Unique Summer Wedding Flower Arrangements
Cockscombs are not very popular among brides but still can make nice and unique wedding flower arrangements. The plant resembles a rooster’s comb with its velvety and crinkled flower bloom. It is a good flower that can add texture and vibrant colors to your flower arrangements. Cockscombs come in many colors such as pink, red and yellow.

Nigella or “love in a mist” is another unique wedding flower option. It is usually incorporated with other flowers such as roses to create a unique and beautiful flower bouquet.

Make your big day vibrant and colorful with the help of a New York City wedding florist and make it extra special for you and your loved ones.