Sweet 16 Theme Party Ideas to Adore

Sweet 16 Centerpiece and Party Theme

Sweet 16 Centerpiece and Party Theme

Sweet sixteen celebrations are special occasions meant for a girl’s 16th year birthday. These birthday celebrations have been so popular it became an inspiration for several movies such as ‘Sixteen Candles’ and ‘Super Sweet 16’. Every teenager wants to throw a lavish sweet 16 birthday party full of pure absolute fun. During the olden times, a sweet 16 party was celebrated formally as an immaculate celebration of a girl’s virginity but today, it is already known as the ‘coming of the age’ celebration. Choosing the best theme for this festive celebration can be quite tough. Before even choosing your party’s theme, make sure you have already decided on a venue. Do you want a house party or have it in a restaurant? There are indeed plenty of things that you’d have to consider when organizing this event such as invitations, party favors, catering service, sweet sixteen flowers and so much more. Here are some sweet 16 party themes to help you get started.

The Princess and Castle Theme
Every girl dreams of becoming a princess, maybe at least for a day. This party theme has the ability to animate the birthday celebrant and her friends as well. Don’t forget to mention the theme in your invitations. This will help your guests prepare and dress properly to your event. As the birthday celebrant, you can choose to portray the Snow White, Cinderella or Princess Aurora character and enjoy a night full of enchantment and fun.

Splash your Way to the 16th Year
You can always choose to have a pool party or a beach party. This is indeed something you can call ‘a coming of age party’. Have your friends ready for fun under the sun. Make sure you have your sunscreen and swimsuits ready for the beach fest! Fill your tables with sweet sixteen flower centerpieces and scatter some seashells with it. Get an open bar caterer and have their baristas make cocktails and pina coladas for your guests.

The High School Musical Rave Party
This is probably one of the most popular party themes nowadays. Make the venue festive by putting on High School Musical Banners and prepare functions such as musical karaoke and several games such as hot potato and dance freeze.

A Festive Mardi Gras celebration
Long swirling streamers, brightly colored balloons and beautiful masks represent a fun Mardi gras celebration. Secure nice colorful necklaces and playful feathered masks for the guests to wear during the party. Get a live band to play during the party and feature carnival games.

Sweet Sixteen Flowers: Make your Centerpieces Stand Out!

Sweet 16 Centerpiece

Sweet 16 Centerpiece

A sweet 16 celebration a woman transcend from being daddy’s little girl to being somebody’s girl. Every sweet sixteen party detail should be taken into careful consideration to make it more memorable and something to cherish in the future. Choosing the right sweet sixteen party flowers is a very crucial task. Table centerpieces help create a festive mood and theme for the party whether guests are requested to be in casual or formal attire. Here are some tips and ideas for your sweet 16 table centerpieces.

Never go wrong with flower centerpieces. Party flowers always make good centerpieces. A flower’s scent and aroma adds a romantic touch to the event. Flower centerpieces are also beautiful additions to the entire theme of the party. For centerpieces, you need several flower bouquets that match the party’s theme. If you are organizing a much more formal party, try using white and red roses. Red can signify love and passion. White roses are good representations of purity. Other popular options for sweet 16 party flowers are pink and white bouquets. Pink is a popular color among female teenagers. You can also let your NYC wedding florist list some flower arrangements for you. Let them do all the hard work while you only pick the flower centerpieces that best suits your theme.

Tiara centerpieces add a touch of creativity to the party. Putting up a pretty ‘sweet 16’tiara on each table gives out an eccentric touch to the party’s theme. The tiara gives out a cooler and more relaxing mood on each table. Tiaras have always been used as a symbol for that sweet sixteen experience. Scatter a couple of pink rose petals around the tiara to make it look more elegant and wonderful.

Add a little glow to the party with candle centerpieces. Floating candles can make great table centerpieces. Color the water according to the party’s theme to make the centerpiece more unique. Floating candles and rose petals also make a good combination for a more romantic table centerpiece. You can also try glass vases filled with seashells or some fancy colored stones that match your theme. Pour an ample amount of water on top of those stones and sprinkle flower petals in water. Flower petals have been proven safe to use beside lit candles.

Don’t hesitate to ask your NYC wedding florist for more sweet sixteen party flower arrangements and ideas.

Sweet 16 Decorative Ideas

sweet 16 party and flower decorations

sweet 16 party and flower decorations

Turning sweet 16 is major event in a young woman’s life. The sixteenth year is great time to acknowledge and adolescent woman with a fabulous birthday bash and party decorations to make this big day more special and exciting. Sweet sixteen parties can be as intricate or as simple as desired by the celebrant and her family. But it doesn’t really have to be that expensive at all. As long as your decoration matches the theme of the party, you are good to go. Let your NYC wedding florist take care of all the party hassles while you prepare yourself physically and emotionally for this very memorable day! Here are some sweet 16 party decorative ideas that might come in handy.

Candles & Lighting
Candles are perfect items that can add a flare of romance to the venue. Nice flickering flames on table centerpieces add that glow to the setting and can also be blown out if necessary.  Beautiful fairy lights can be arranged in such a way that it resembles twinkling stars on a dark night. Fairy lights are excellent for Cinderella and other Walt Disney themes matched with pretty tiaras, jewelry and magic wands. Making use of soundtracks would also add to your theme.

Flower Arrangements
Can a young lady resist the natural beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers? Flowers are perfect for corsages, centerpieces and table decorations. Scatter rose petals on tables and get a good impression from your guests. A floral themed sweet sixteen party is a good choice. Embellish your party’s butterfly shaped cake with fresh flower decorations.

Balloons & Streamers
Balloons are popular decorative ideas for sweet sixteen parties because of its colors, shapes and fun designs. Balloons can be suspended on the ceiling on a large net, made into colorful table centerpieces and arranged into shapes. Streamers can add a festive touch to the party.

sweet 16 montage, name plates and photographs

sweet 16 montage, name plates and photographs

The Celebrant’s Montage
Placing enlarged photographs of the birthday celebrant all over the venue is a pretty way of showcasing her beauty and how much she has grown over the years. Highlight the birthday girl’s beauty by putting on her first baby pose to her most current ones. A montage decoration will definitely customized the entire setting and will make the party more interesting and entertaining to the guests.

Let your New York City wedding florist help you work on putting the entire party together while you sit back, relax and do some beauty rest before the big day!