Pick the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

Bar Mitzvah Flowers

Bar Mitzvah Flowers

Buying the right bouquet may not be as easy as purchasing a bottle of wine. Life has indeed given us plenty of reasons to celebrate- birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and weddings. Flowers have always given color and warmth to every occasion with their innate freshness, purity and distinct beauty. Through the years, flowers had always been given to express affection and feelings. Flowers are not just beautiful plants. They also affect people with their smell, look and colors. Flowers and their myriad shapes and colors can do a lot more other than sit on a table. They can give the overall tone of the place for every occasion.

Whether you are picking out a premade bouquet in the grocery aisles or assembling your very own personalized bouquet in a flower shop, choosing the right flower stems can sometimes be too intimidating and time consuming as well. But this is not really something that you have to worry about. Let your NYC wedding florist do all the hard work while you sit back, relax and share your floral preferences to them.

A Sensuous Date
Nothing beats a romantic and memorable night better than a gorgeous rose bouquet. Rose bouquets can range from jewel colored to pastels that your loved one will surely adore. Its versatility and variety conveys intention, love and affection for the lucky recipient. Presented in an exuberant vase flower arrangement or over the arm, the fabled distinction of a rose, as well as its smell, really does make the night more charming and lovely.

Intimate & Personal Gatherings
Seasonal flower collections are always perfect for an evening in the living room, kitchen, patio or dining room. Sunflowers during autumn and summer, bulb flowers during springtime and colorful garden flowers all year round make lovely centerpieces and hostess gifts. Pair that bunch with a hand-blown glass vase or a stunning container to create a much more lasting impact.

Milestone Celebrations
Party flowers should always be fun and colorful. Go fun and wild with the warm vibrant colors of tulips, stocks, gerbera daisies and mixed carnations. Don’t hesitate to blend new color combinations. They can after all get that party started.
Everyday Flower Arrangements

Carnations, lilies, tulips and orchids make great hand tied bouquets and stay longer when you freshen it with water regularly. These flowers usually come in a variety of colors to compliment any house décor and bring a dose of happiness in a house interior.