Sweet 16 Decorative Ideas

sweet 16 party and flower decorations

sweet 16 party and flower decorations

Turning sweet 16 is major event in a young woman’s life. The sixteenth year is great time to acknowledge and adolescent woman with a fabulous birthday bash and party decorations to make this big day more special and exciting. Sweet sixteen parties can be as intricate or as simple as desired by the celebrant and her family. But it doesn’t really have to be that expensive at all. As long as your decoration matches the theme of the party, you are good to go. Let your NYC wedding florist take care of all the party hassles while you prepare yourself physically and emotionally for this very memorable day! Here are some sweet 16 party decorative ideas that might come in handy.

Candles & Lighting
Candles are perfect items that can add a flare of romance to the venue. Nice flickering flames on table centerpieces add that glow to the setting and can also be blown out if necessary.  Beautiful fairy lights can be arranged in such a way that it resembles twinkling stars on a dark night. Fairy lights are excellent for Cinderella and other Walt Disney themes matched with pretty tiaras, jewelry and magic wands. Making use of soundtracks would also add to your theme.

Flower Arrangements
Can a young lady resist the natural beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers? Flowers are perfect for corsages, centerpieces and table decorations. Scatter rose petals on tables and get a good impression from your guests. A floral themed sweet sixteen party is a good choice. Embellish your party’s butterfly shaped cake with fresh flower decorations.

Balloons & Streamers
Balloons are popular decorative ideas for sweet sixteen parties because of its colors, shapes and fun designs. Balloons can be suspended on the ceiling on a large net, made into colorful table centerpieces and arranged into shapes. Streamers can add a festive touch to the party.

sweet 16 montage, name plates and photographs

sweet 16 montage, name plates and photographs

The Celebrant’s Montage
Placing enlarged photographs of the birthday celebrant all over the venue is a pretty way of showcasing her beauty and how much she has grown over the years. Highlight the birthday girl’s beauty by putting on her first baby pose to her most current ones. A montage decoration will definitely customized the entire setting and will make the party more interesting and entertaining to the guests.

Let your New York City wedding florist help you work on putting the entire party together while you sit back, relax and do some beauty rest before the big day!

Modern Day Flower Arrangement Ideas: Know the Trends

Many modern floral arrangements make use of aesthetic, clean and sleek lines as preferred by designers. The addition of various accessories has minimized the use of brightly colored flowers. Modern day flower arrangements usually apply ornamental motifs and other clean lined flower vases to carry on the geometric them into everyday life.

Modern floral arrangements from your NYC wedding florist can serve as trendy additions to events, parties, wedding day receptions, and even in a bat mitzvah birthday bash. The use of materials such as water, lights, and glass can definitely turn a traditional arrangement into something more unique, sleek and elegant looking.

Sparkling Water Bowls
Using water as one of your centerpiece’s main elements can give a flower arrangement a nice and modern flare. Traditional flower arrangements use multicolored vases in different size and shapes. For a more contemporary approach, fill a huge glass bowl with water up to the brim and then spread some buds on top for some statement. This can help create a more Zen like and serene feeling around the home or even at wedding event. Take your flower centerpiece to the next level by adding drops of food coloring to the container, dyeing the water yellow or blue. Using plain white buds will make the color stand out and give that artistic glow to the flower arrangement.

Bud Filled Long Vases
To make a bold and modern statement, consider the use of tall and oversized glass vases for table centerpieces. Snip off a handful of buds from the flowers of your choice and drop them thoroughly at the middle of the glass vase. Playfully mix and match the colors of your flower buds. Fill the vase with buds, leaves and even stems. Pour a little amount of water in the vase to keep the bottom flowers fresh. With the use of a spray bottle, sprinkle some water on the top of your vase to keep the flowers look fresh and healthy. Tall glass vases can add more drama especially to events housed in big dining halls.

Let Flowers Glow with Lights
Twinkle lights are one of the most popularly used decorative items these days and can definitely be used to make a flower arrangement stand out. Wrap stems with light strands and placed them inside tall transparent vases. These arrangements are perfect for evening outdoor parties. You can also use battery operated tea lights as a more convenient and accessible option.

Pick the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

Bar Mitzvah Flowers

Bar Mitzvah Flowers

Buying the right bouquet may not be as easy as purchasing a bottle of wine. Life has indeed given us plenty of reasons to celebrate- birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and weddings. Flowers have always given color and warmth to every occasion with their innate freshness, purity and distinct beauty. Through the years, flowers had always been given to express affection and feelings. Flowers are not just beautiful plants. They also affect people with their smell, look and colors. Flowers and their myriad shapes and colors can do a lot more other than sit on a table. They can give the overall tone of the place for every occasion.

Whether you are picking out a premade bouquet in the grocery aisles or assembling your very own personalized bouquet in a flower shop, choosing the right flower stems can sometimes be too intimidating and time consuming as well. But this is not really something that you have to worry about. Let your NYC wedding florist do all the hard work while you sit back, relax and share your floral preferences to them.

A Sensuous Date
Nothing beats a romantic and memorable night better than a gorgeous rose bouquet. Rose bouquets can range from jewel colored to pastels that your loved one will surely adore. Its versatility and variety conveys intention, love and affection for the lucky recipient. Presented in an exuberant vase flower arrangement or over the arm, the fabled distinction of a rose, as well as its smell, really does make the night more charming and lovely.

Intimate & Personal Gatherings
Seasonal flower collections are always perfect for an evening in the living room, kitchen, patio or dining room. Sunflowers during autumn and summer, bulb flowers during springtime and colorful garden flowers all year round make lovely centerpieces and hostess gifts. Pair that bunch with a hand-blown glass vase or a stunning container to create a much more lasting impact.

Milestone Celebrations
Party flowers should always be fun and colorful. Go fun and wild with the warm vibrant colors of tulips, stocks, gerbera daisies and mixed carnations. Don’t hesitate to blend new color combinations. They can after all get that party started.
Everyday Flower Arrangements

Carnations, lilies, tulips and orchids make great hand tied bouquets and stay longer when you freshen it with water regularly. These flowers usually come in a variety of colors to compliment any house décor and bring a dose of happiness in a house interior.

Planning your Summer Wedding Flowers

NYC Wedding Florist

NYC Wedding Florist

Summer conjures thoughts of warm weather and long hot days of lush and bright flowers. When you intend to have a summer wedding, let the rhythm of the season guide you when it comes to your wedding flower choices. There are plenty of ways to give a summer touch to your wedding flower arrangements. Playful accents, cool greenery and punchy colors can give your summer wedding a little kick. Whether you are tying the knot along the white sandy shores on a beach side bash, a country club, or a garden gala, you can always add up a few creative touches to your summer wedding. Let an NYC wedding florist guide you with your summer flower centerpieces and wedding bouquets.

Traditional Summer Flower Choices
If you want to do it the traditional way, stock always come in handy. They can come in nice pink and white varieties. They usually get in season during the end of spring and summer. They seem to be old fashion but they do possess that beauty and charm of their own. Beautiful, tall blue delphiniums are also very much abundant during the summer and can work well with the ceremony’s flower arrangements. Some of the traditional summer wedding flower options include columbine, irises and snapdragons.

Contemporary Summer Flower Choices
Roses are abundant during the summer and are among every bride’s top choices. Lilies and calla lies are also visible in many summer weddings. Calla lilies are excellent options when you are planning to have a white themed summer wedding. Stargazer lilies can be used in decorating wedding venues. Their scent and nice huge blooms make it a popular choice among many couples. On the other hand, gerberas are great for summer wedding bouquets as well as for adding more fun and excitement to wedding reception flower arrangements.

Unique Summer Wedding Flower Arrangements
Cockscombs are not very popular among brides but still can make nice and unique wedding flower arrangements. The plant resembles a rooster’s comb with its velvety and crinkled flower bloom. It is a good flower that can add texture and vibrant colors to your flower arrangements. Cockscombs come in many colors such as pink, red and yellow.

Nigella or “love in a mist” is another unique wedding flower option. It is usually incorporated with other flowers such as roses to create a unique and beautiful flower bouquet.

Make your big day vibrant and colorful with the help of a New York City wedding florist and make it extra special for you and your loved ones.

Wedding Flower Ideas for the Seasons

Wedding flowers always play a huge impact in the overall look of a wedding celebration whether at church or at the reception area. Weddings are never complete without the flowers’ aesthetic touch.

Here are a few wedding flower arrangements that you can come in handy when planning for your big day. You can also suggest these ideas to your NYC wedding florist.

Love the Vibrant Colors of Summer
Brace yourself for a warm and sunny wedding filled with the bright colors of summer inspired outdoors. Try to go bright and bold with your color palette choices. You can try fuschia and mango or go for something deep red and hot pink. If you would want to go for a beach wedding, try the seaside colors- aqua with a tinge of beige, white or peach. Light up the reception venue with lanterns and torches to make it even more romantic. You can also go natural when it comes to wedding centerpieces and incorporate fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes to your wedding flower arrangements. Create a warm ambience by choosing abundant summer blooms such as peonies, sunflowers, daisies, zinnias, dahlias, hydrangea and roses. If you want to create an airy and breezy look for your outdoor wedding, you can try roses, calla lilies, stephanotis, daisies and snowball mums with a touch of blue hydrangeas.

A Glamorous Fall Wedding
For autumn weddings, you can go and blend with nature’s colors such as red, brown, orange, yellow and rust. Jewel tones can create an interesting twist to your traditional wedding scheme. You can also add metallic mixes (copper, bronze, and gold) to your color scheme. Incorporate some popular autumn harvest to your wedding flower arrangements such as apples, cranberries and pears. Add in the touch of nature by putting on some leaves, sprays of wheat and even acorns to your wedding flowers.

A Surreal Winter Wedding
For your color palette, go for white and creams with accents of gold or silver. You can also opt for a winter sparkle and go for ice blue with a touch of silver tones. Deck your wedding halls with adorning linens and sprinkle fake snow on table tops. You can decorate with pine branches, wreaths, poinsettias, bells and white lights to go with the holiday season.

Tulip-filled Spring Wedding
For garden weddings, it would be nice to go with the colors green and white, green and yellow or make it preppy with pink and green. Go with playful patterns such as Swiss dots, stripes, eyelet lace, gingham and polka dots. Make your spring flower arrangements unique by putting them in simple containers like teapots, urns and watering cans.

Get more and exciting themes and wedding concepts from an NYC wedding florist in town.