Decorating a Wedding Reception

wedding decorator  wedding reception decorationsWeddings are celebrations that should be full of elegance and romance. It is a ceremony in which two people are united in the holy sacrament of marriage. Although this ceremony is the highlight of the event, the wedding reception is perhaps the biggest part of the whole celebration where everyone will spend most of their time. Therefore, it is very important that you take serious considerations when it comes to preparing your reception venue. There are many details that need to be considered. A wedding reception usually includes purchasing of wedding supplies such as wedding favors, wedding flower arrangements, decorations, centerpieces and cakes just to name a few.

Decorating a wedding reception is a very hard task. Elegant looking tables will likely to create a romantic and captivating ambience in the entire event. Here are some tips that may come in handy. You can suggest these ideas to your party decorator too.

Table Cloth. There are different types that are readily available in the specialty stores that come in variety of colors. Choose the color that matches other colors you have in your wedding. Incorporate overlays, runners or doilies to add an extra detail and effect on the cloth.

Table Centerpieces. Table centerpieces are commonly used to give a sophisticated touch on the wedding tables. A wonderful accent on tables ranges from floral arrange, candle holders, antique jars or dishes to other classic and elegant decors. Traditional look of wedding centerpieces compose a romantic appeal to the entire event. In most cases, wedding flower arrangements are mounted in high urns. Decorating high centerpiece arrangements are best for venues with high ceilings, while the low arrangements are easily manage to an outdoor wedding reception.

decorator wedding party event nycTable Sprinkles. These are the final touch in decorating the reception tables. They can be tiny pieces of confetti, rose petals, glass rocks, crystal table beads, or other types of sprinkles.  Traditional ones are silk or fresh bright leaves, chocolate kisses and seashells. If you will use sprinkles on the tables with lighted candles on the center, make sure that sprinkles are not too near to the candles, especially if they are flower petals, leaves or paper confetti.

With a bit of creativity and a careful attention to the details of your wedding reception, it is possible to create a one of a kind special wedding party for you and your guests to love. For best bridal bouquets and New York wedding flowers, check out

2010 Best Bridal Bouquet Trends

best wedding bridal bouquetNo matter how beautiful your gown may be, your big day wouldn’t be complete without an impeccable bouquet to match it. Flowers always serve as the main focal point in weddings. Through the years, brides have always been particular and intricate about the wedding flower arrangements and bouquets in the ceremony and reception.

The best bridal bouquets this 2010 are going away from tradition and leaning towards a more edgy and creative look avoiding soft colors. Among the most popular trends are bright and bold colors. Fiery oranges, scarlet reds, hot pinks, eye popping teals and vivacious yellows are some of the popular choices this year when it comes to wedding flower arrangements.

Wedding bouquets are wrapped loosely with ribbons and embellishments are can often be seen in various wedding flower arrangements. Jewelry, pearls and crystals and even natural elements like star fish and pine cones are now used in creating fabulous wedding bouquets. Here are some of the current bridal bouquet trends:

•    Sought After Blossoms. A lot of brides opt for simplicity of a ‘mono floral’ appeal. Mono floral wedding bouquets tend to go well with architectural and contemporary dresses and are often made up of structured, sleek flowers such as cattleya orchids or mini calla lilies. One of the most prominent trends nowadays is romantic bouquets saturated with fluttery flowers such as peonies, French tulips & hydrangeas.

•    Hot hues. Brides are now transcending the classic white bouquets by featuring multiple shades of the color white to achieve that soft, textured elegant look.
•    All tied up. Many of today’s wedding bouquets are now delicately wrapped with ribbons and other accessories. Most brides also customized their bouquet by wrapping it with a heirloom handkerchief or with an ancestral locket. This can add more meaning to the wedding.

•    Mixed media. Wedding bouquets these days doesn’t only contain flowers. Your party decorator and florist may suggest other non-floral elements such as Swarovski crystals, berries, feathers, stems and other decorative wood pieces. A popular choice is echevera which can be shaped like a flower and can come in different colors such as green, aubergine and gray.

2010 is a year of festive and innovative wedding trends. Flower designs are becoming a lot more fun, colorful and customized. The best bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces are now evolving by the addition of a bride’s unique flair and artistic touch. Visit for all lovely NYC wedding flowers and bouquet ideas.