Flower Ideas on the First Date

Giving a lady a bouquet of white roses would more or less make her crack a grin, even if you think that she is not the type who would gush over the beauty and charm of flowers. A woman has her own personality and there is indeed no universal reason why flowers evoke such positive reactions coming out from them. Many say that it is not so much on the flowers themselves but the thought behind it that makes every girl giggle and smile like a teenager.
Flowers are symbols of passion, life, vibrancy and beauty.  Women have always loved receiving flowers and here are some of the top choices for flowers on your first date by your New York City Florist.

• Chrysanthemum. This flower symbolizes friendship, be it in the shimmer of lime green, blue sheen or passion of luscious red chrysanthemum. This flower can be a symbol of loyalty and eternal friendship. Give her a nice bouquet of chrysanthemum on your first dinner date and let the flowers express the things you can’t say.

• Carnation. This flower has been known as the ‘flower of love’ and it definitely possesses all the qualities that will your date a very memorable one. Carnation is a flower that can show your appreciation, fascination, warmth and love for a special person. Its intricate beauty and innate luster makes it a very nice choice to express your desire. A nice bouquet of carnation would indeed be a perfect match for those sweet nothings while staring at your woman’s sparkling eyes.

• Red rose. A little bouquet of red roses on your first ate would make the first date an unforgettable one. A bunch of red roses would epitomize your passion. It can also signify warmth, fervor and undying love.

• Daisy. A bouquet of daisies can symbolize your admiration for her. The flower can also stand for love and loyalty.

• Orchid. Orchids can symbolize your ceaseless love for that special person. Known for its delicateness & understated beauty, a bouquet of orchids will never let you down on a first date.

• Primrose. Unfold all those hidden emotions with a bouquet of primrose recommended by your very own NYC florist. Let the hue of this flower will tell her how much you care.

• Tulip. Whether it is a golden or red tulip, these flowers are bound to put a smile on her face.

• Gardenia. A pulsating seethe gardenia tells the message of secret admiration to your beloved.

Wedding Flower Ideas for the Seasons

Wedding flowers always play a huge impact in the overall look of a wedding celebration whether at church or at the reception area. Weddings are never complete without the flowers’ aesthetic touch.

Here are a few wedding flower arrangements that you can come in handy when planning for your big day. You can also suggest these ideas to your NYC wedding florist.

Love the Vibrant Colors of Summer
Brace yourself for a warm and sunny wedding filled with the bright colors of summer inspired outdoors. Try to go bright and bold with your color palette choices. You can try fuschia and mango or go for something deep red and hot pink. If you would want to go for a beach wedding, try the seaside colors- aqua with a tinge of beige, white or peach. Light up the reception venue with lanterns and torches to make it even more romantic. You can also go natural when it comes to wedding centerpieces and incorporate fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes to your wedding flower arrangements. Create a warm ambience by choosing abundant summer blooms such as peonies, sunflowers, daisies, zinnias, dahlias, hydrangea and roses. If you want to create an airy and breezy look for your outdoor wedding, you can try roses, calla lilies, stephanotis, daisies and snowball mums with a touch of blue hydrangeas.

A Glamorous Fall Wedding
For autumn weddings, you can go and blend with nature’s colors such as red, brown, orange, yellow and rust. Jewel tones can create an interesting twist to your traditional wedding scheme. You can also add metallic mixes (copper, bronze, and gold) to your color scheme. Incorporate some popular autumn harvest to your wedding flower arrangements such as apples, cranberries and pears. Add in the touch of nature by putting on some leaves, sprays of wheat and even acorns to your wedding flowers.

A Surreal Winter Wedding
For your color palette, go for white and creams with accents of gold or silver. You can also opt for a winter sparkle and go for ice blue with a touch of silver tones. Deck your wedding halls with adorning linens and sprinkle fake snow on table tops. You can decorate with pine branches, wreaths, poinsettias, bells and white lights to go with the holiday season.

Tulip-filled Spring Wedding
For garden weddings, it would be nice to go with the colors green and white, green and yellow or make it preppy with pink and green. Go with playful patterns such as Swiss dots, stripes, eyelet lace, gingham and polka dots. Make your spring flower arrangements unique by putting them in simple containers like teapots, urns and watering cans.

Get more and exciting themes and wedding concepts from an NYC wedding florist in town.