Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece Ideas

Bar Mitzvah Floral Gallery

Bar Mitzvah Floral Gallery

The word ‘bar mitzvah’ literally means as ‘son of commandment’. Every Jewish boy goes through a certain bar mitzvah ceremony when he reaches his thirteenth birthday. This not only serves as a transition to adolescent life but also to the classic Jewish traditions. An important part of the celebration is the reception. There are many mitzvah party themes for you to choose from using symbols such as tefillin, tallit and the Torah. Here are several bar mitzvah centerpiece ideas to add a festive touch to the party.

• Candy and peanut centerpiece. A bar mitzvah is known as a celebration and at the same time a social event. Food is a mainstay in any bar mitzvah party. Oftentimes, guests always get hungry even before the food is ready. This is the time when a peanut or candy centerpiece comes handy. A glass bowl filled with candy and peanut varieties or even mints is a nice way of entertaining guests while food is prepared. Tie a nice ribbon at the jar’s mouth and place it at the middle of the table. This beautiful centerpiece will help satisfy the guests’ appetite while waiting for the food to be served.

• Mitzvah flowers. A certain bar mitzvah is a welcoming event of a boy into adulthood. A beautiful flower centerpiece is a great way of symbolizing this moment. Get a pretty little vase and then fill it with a variety of flowers. Each flower represents a different part of life. You can always ask the advice of your NYC wedding florist for flower centerpieces. Or better yet, have your florist do the entire mitzvah flower preparation. Fresh and fragrant flowers would indeed charm in the table setting.

• Sparking light centerpieces. A young adolescent experiencing his very own mitzvah is considered as the light of the entire family. Making use of light centerpieces show how much the family feels and cares about him on this special day. Scented candles can add a wonderful charm and aroma to the venue.

• Poem centerpieces. The bar mitzvah is a memorable day in the life of a Jewish boy. Add more meaning to it by putting on poem table centerpieces enclosed in small frames. Research mitzvah poems and quotations for the party and then creatively frame it. You can make your very own poem for your son or research a variety for each table. This is also a good way of entertaining your guests.